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Kestrel RH Calibration Kit for Kestrel 3000, 3500, 4000 Series Meters

by Kestrel
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Your Kestrel should be re-calibrated if the Relative Humidity (RH) sensor has been replaced or has shown drift in its RH measurement.

The large container is used to create a stable environment. The small containers are used to hold the saturated salt solution. The saturated salt solutions generate well-defined humidity when they are confined to a contained environment.

The RH calibration kit includes the following items:

  • Three clear, sealable containers
  • One container with magnesium chloride solution
  • One container with sodium chloride solution
  • Two wooden scrapers
  • An insulated carrying case to hold all of the above and maintain a stable environment while performing calibration
  • Not intended for Kestrel 5 Series Meters
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