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ShadowTech ATI Wind Wrap (WindWrap) for Kestrel 5700 and 5700 Elite Meters

$49.00 USD

Get a clear view of your Kestrel firing solution without coming off the gun.

Windwrap protects Kestrel barometric pressure sensor




The ATI Wind Wrap acts as a barrier to muddy hands or fine debris that could obstruct the barometric pressure sensor holes on the backside of the Kestrel wind meter. Obstructed sensor holes will effect accurate station pressure results. Producing faulty ballistic data. Ensure your Kestrel moves with you between positions and is ready to use. Mount your Kestrel weather meter to any rifle sling, MALICE Clip, or tripod / bipod leg easily and securely with the military-proven ATI Wind Wrap."


  • American Made, Berry Compliant
  • Mounts to any rifle sling 1”- 1.5” wide, or MALICE Clip
  • Mounts to any tripod/bipod leg or tubular surface up to 3” diameter
  • Maintains full operation & function of the wind meter
  • Prevents the loss of wind meter while in the field
  • Protects sensor holes from being obstructed by mud & debris
  • Utilizes soft contact points to prevent internal electronic damage due to rifle recoil. (Kestrel Approved Product)